About TypeIt

If you have the need to type anything in a foreign language which has accents and other strange-looking characters, and you only have a US keyboard, your life used to be miserable. You used to have to do one of the following:

Now, through the miracles of Unicode and JavaScript, you can just navigate to this site, type whatever you need to type in a text box, and then paste it wherever you need it – into your word processor, e-mail message, etc. You can type foreign characters by clicking buttons or by pressing intuitive keyboard shortcuts (Alt + letter*).

Keyboard shortcuts

TypeIt uses a unique keyboard shortcut system which has two big advantages:

  1. It is very respectful of your existing keyboard layout and doesn’t “take over” important keys like punctuation and digits.**
  2. It uses really obvious shortcuts. For example, to get an accented letter based on e, just hold Alt* and keep pressing E until you get the letter you want. In the French keyboard, one press will type é, two presses – è, three presses – ê, etc. Because all the variants of e are assigned to a single key, the number of things that you have to memorize to use this system is virtually zero. (Compare this with a system where every accented letter has a separate shortcut and you can never remember which key types which letter.)


It takes time and money to keep this site up and running, and to make sure it is always compatible with the latest browser versions. Financial support for TypeIt comes largely from users like you. If you use TypeIt and would like it to stay online, please consider supporting it with a little money. Thank you!

Supported browsers

TypeIt supports the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, as well as Internet Explorer (10, 11) and Microsoft Edge (except for some issues). Safari for iOS is supported, but subject to OS limitations like poor support for hardware keyboards.

In other browsers, there will likely be problems with keyboard shortcuts and other glitches.


When developing TypeIt, I was greatly helped by the research of the following people, who were kind enough to publish their work online: Jan Wolter (keyboard support in browsers), Thomas Frank (temporary storage in JavaScript), Peter-Paul Koch (browser incompatibilities), Dav Glass (Safari quirks), Diego Perini (IE quirks).

I got the idea of making this site from the Russian keyboard made by my two friends, Michał Ryszard Wójcik and Michał Stanisław Wójcik (yes, they have the same first and last names).


My name is Tomasz P. Szynalski. I also made Antimoon — a site which tells people how to learn English effectively. I am a part-time English-Polish translator, offering Polish translation services online. I spend a lot of time thinking about philosophical and practical topics; I publish some of the practical stuff here. I live in Wrocław, Poland.

Contact information

Your suggestions and bug reports are very welcome. If you can send me a short note describing what you use TypeIt for (your work? personal e-mail? school assignments?), that would be great, too. Here’s my e-mail address:

tszynalski at-sign type it dot org


Stuff you type. The text you type into TypeIt remains on your computer. It is not sent to any servers nor stored in any database. However, TypeIt automatically saves your text in your browser so that it can be restored if you accidentally navigate to another site, close the tab, or if your browser crashes. For more information, see “How can I secure my privacy while using TypeIt?”.

Cookies. TypeIt uses its own cookies (and similar technologies) to remember your preferences and to temporarily store the text you type, to guard against accidental deletion. (Again, your text never leaves your computer.) In addition, it uses Google cookies to personalize ads (for non-EU users) and analyze traffic. This means that basic information about your use of TypeIt (the pages you visited, your browser version, etc.) is shared with Google. None of this data includes personally identifiable information such as your name or email address. By using TypeIt, you agree to this.

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