Support TypeIt

If you use TypeIt and find it helpful, please support it with a little bit of money. My goal is to keep maintaining TypeIt to make sure it is always operational and compatible with current browser versions. Unfortunately, this takes a non-trivial amount of time (for example, figuring out an obscure browser bug can take many hours of not-so-pleasant work), which is a problem because I have to make a living. Financial support from users like you buys me time to maintain and develop TypeIt.

So if you think this site is worth it, please support it with some money to help keep it online. The amount is entirely up to you — I only ask for what you consider fair price for the service you’re getting.

— Tomasz

There are currently three ways to support the site:

Voluntary Subscription (name your price)

Subscribe for $ a month. can be canceled any time

One-Time Donation

Support TypeIt with a donation of $.

Windows App

If you use Windows, you can purchase the awesome TypeIt app. Money from the app helps support this site.