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Dear Typists!

Keeping TypeIt up and running takes time and money. There are financial costs (such as the server and bandwidth), but the biggest problem is time. New versions of browsers come out all the time, and – every now and then – something changes in a way which makes TypeIt stop working. When that happens, I have to: (1) figure out what broke and why; (2) rewrite parts of TypeIt to make it work again; (3) test TypeIt on 5-7 different platforms (browsers, OS’s, mobile devices) to make sure the newly written code didn't mess things up in other places. Depending on how deep the problem is, developing and testing an update can take me many days.

I’m also the only system administrator this site has, so if the server goes down or there are performance problems, I have to drop everything and fix it ASAP.

All of this stuff adds up to a non-trivial amount of work, which is a problem because I have to make a living. That is why I decided to create a Patreon page. Patreon is a service which allows you to donate a small amount each month to support independent creators you like (that would be me). My hope is that support from users will give me the peace of mind to keep maintaining TypeIt in the foreseeable future.

So, if you use this site and don’t want to see it disappear, please become a Patron at whatever support level you’re comfortable with. Only you know how much value you’re getting out of TypeIt and how much you can afford. However much you can chip in, you’re awesome and thanks a lot!

— Tomasz
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If you’d rather not become a Patron, you can also help out by making a one-time donation.